A l o h a !

I'm Ashi Freelance Digital Illustrator.

I have always had enthusiasm for being creative.

From drawing my fave characters at a young age to developing clients concepts/ideas and bringing them to life.
A lot of my inspiration comes from various sub-cultures and online hobbies with just a sprinkling of sparkles!

I use a mix of two digital programs to create my art, Adobe Photoshop and the Japanese program Paint Tool SAI.
From time to time I also work with mixing traditional mediums such as Watercolour, Pencil & Copic Markers.
As of January 2020, I have taken up Sewing as another side-project to broaden my crafting capabilities!

In my working life, I am an Ophthalmic Technician. Off duty I am often found partaking in some of my favourite hobbies.
Gaming has been a huge part of my life, and I have quite a wide library of games that I like to play.
If I'm not found playing Dead by Daylight with my Survival buddies, I'll be catching critters on Riptide - my Animal Crossing Island.
When the mood strikes I also enjoy kickin' back with some Low-Fi music and doing something creative like illustrating or sewing...
I absolutely love Anime too! My 'aesthetic' is reflective of my fascination with Nature — Particularly that of a beachy/tropical theme.

Hopefully this has been enlightneing to let you get to know me, the artist, behind Sparklepaws.
Please make sure to check out my Portfolio! ~